Behind Fable New York

Once upon a time, there was no plastic.  Dishes were made where materials were found.  Everyone used everything more than once. Let's get back there.
FABLE, a fairytale collection of home goods designed in upstate New York to preserve the past + conserve for the future.

OUR FOUNDER - After fifteen years in New York City, Kristin and her husband moved to a tiny town in upstate New York with their 2 children and dog, Elf. The band now includes 2 fish, 57 deer, 84 turkeys and an unknown number of foxes, bobcats, gophers, 1 bear and an unverified moose.

OUR MISSION – To create beautiful, environmentally better products for the home.

OUR MATERIALS – Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, growing 1 to 4 inches in a single day. The plant regrows quickly after harvesting, and the plant’s health is actually improved by cutting. As a general rule, each bamboo plant can be re-harvested every three years with zero negative impact on the environment.

OUR DISHES – Made from naturally organic bamboo fiber, non-GMO corn starch, and a food-grade BPA-free melamine binding. Safe for dishwasher top rack. Hand wash for best preservation. Not suitable for microwave or oven use.

OUR PROMISE – To continue to search for the very best materials for the planet and people, to lessen our footprint wherever possible through minimalist + reusable packaging.

OUR ART DIRECTION – Illustration by Basak Agalou. Graphic design by Cristina Ottolini. Lifestyle photography by Rinne Allen and Hallie Burton. Product shots by Mark Loader.

OUR FACTORY – We work with a leading eco-production factory in China (where 80% of the world's bamboo is grown). Our partner factory specializes in the manufacture and development of low-impact environmentally progressive products and materials.


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