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About Crave

Crave - it's a feeling, you know the one.  It sneaks up on you when something special catches your eye.  Those little tingly fingers of excitement that wrap themselves around you.  It's not that you need it, or you want it.  It is so much more than that.  You crave it!  

Crave was born from the desire of its founders to experience this feeling and to share it with others.  More and more we were finding ourselves searching for something that we couldn't find, and the frustration of this led to the creation of Crave.

We want to bring to our retailers only the products that truly inspire us.  The ones that are not only gorgeous, but are also of the highest quality & design.  Our product portfolio coupled with our desire to deliver the absolute best customer service means that joining the Crave family, either as a stockist or a vendor is an easy decision to make.

Exclusive Australian and NZ distributor - The Country Candle Company, Mellipou, Mimi & Lula, Patti Oslo, Saga Copenhagen & Grech & Co.  
Exclusive NZ distributor - OYOY Living Design.

Crave is a wholesale distributor and we do not sell directly to the public, but please visit our stockist page or get in touch to find where to find our products.

"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last" - Vivienne Westwood


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